Business and Compliance


The Business Department is responsible for all business and financial operations of the school including the following:

  • Ensuring that all federal, state and local laws and regulations are followed regarding financial accounting and reporting criteria.
  • Ensuring reliability and accuracy within the budgeting and accounting processes.
  • Planning, preparing and making recommendations regarding the financial practices and needs of the organization.
  • Linking financial resources to other necessary resources in order to strengthen the quality of student programs and to provide the organization the ability to grow adequately and timely.

Below, you will find our official operating budgets and year end financial reports/statements for current and previous years. 


Official Operating Budgets

Financial Report & Statements

Charter FIRST Ratings


The Compliance Department ensures the school is in compliance with all district, city, state, and federal regulations in relation to public school requirements, and ensures that all required documentation is reported timely and accurately. This department is responsible for keeping the school abreast of requirements and documentation related to the regulations of the Texas Education Agency and other governmental agencies.

Below, you will find our Academic Performance Reports and TEA School Report Cards for current and previous years. 

Compliance Reports

Texas Academic Performance Reports